The Lakes Entrance Rotary Club this month unanimously endorsed the “Lakes Entrance Interpretive Centre Feasibility Study” and its findings.  A copy of the report can be obtained by emailing Rotary at  and requesting a copy

The study proposed incorporating  interpretive elements into four key sites in Lakes Entrance rather than the construction of a separate single building.  The sites recommended were The Lookout at the Western Entrance to Lakes Entrance, Bullock Island West, Bullock Island East (Fishing Cooperative) and the Slipway Site.    It recommended that recreational fishing and the history and current status of commercial fishing be a key theme for interpretation.  Each site has been chosen specifically to allow for an appreciation of the local environment , to take in distinctive views, and discover the uniqueness of Lakes Entrance and its history.

“The iconic sites chosen with interpretive elements added have the ability to attract people  and draw them into the history and the natural beauty of Lakes Entrance and its surrounds.”  Bruce Hurley chairperson of the project’s steering committee said.  “The study builds on and adds an extra dimension to existing reports such as the 2007 and 2014 Bullock Island Master Plan, Slipway study and the Proposed Gateway Master Plan. The challenge facing Lakes Entrance is to commence the implementation of these plans.  Plans are a necessary first step but have no value unless they are implemented”

“ The Lakes Entrance Rotary Club is keen to discuss the Study with the local community, local organisations, and East Gippsland Shire Council and State and Federal Governments to seek support and funding for the development of the  lookout, Bullock Island and the Slipway including making interpretive elements an integral part of these developments.    The Rotary Club believes the role of East Gippsland Shire Council is pivotal to these prime sights being developed” Ms Lesley Mackenzie President of Rotary said.